Gear I Want to Try: Voormi

I first came across Voormi when I was working the SIA Snow Show (SnowSports Industries America) in 2015. I spoke to someone at their booth who broke down how they came up with their product and what makes it different. What I immediately liked was how accessible the people were at the booth, and their passion of the product.

They manufacture in the US, with their own materials. However, this makes the price point a bit higher than other brands. I fully understand the trade off between US-made, quality materials and cost, it’s just I haven’t been in a position to get something yet. Since I am a gear junkie I’ve put in place the rule of I have to replace something, and not add it to my collection.

I didn’t buy into the whole Merino wool craze until I tried it. I’ve come to realize a lot of climates are perfect for layering, and nothing works better than this material. Voormi’s blend leads to a bit more breathable layers, and something for all seasons. I’m hoping to have something by the end of the year and see for myself.

*This is in no way a promotional post, nor am I employed or affiliated with Voormi. Just a fan of their product and outlook on business and nature. 

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