A Cooler You Can Tow? Take My Money.

Shows such as Outdoor Retailer are always prime for finding new, innovative gear. This beauty is no exception. Its from Kanooler Products and is called the Creek Kooler. According to Gear Junkie’s review it can hold up to 30 cans and 20 lbs of ice, which isn’t too shabby. However, it looks to be pretty versatile.

Anytime you’re kayaking or canoeing space is at a premium, so this comes in very handy. It can be used on sand, and I would imagine even snow for cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing. With that amount of insulation it might not keep food hot, but at least won’t let it get cold.

I’m not sure if I would take it through some rapids, but according to the review, the design is so it can deal with some tumbling. Although, I’m not sure you would want to put such precious cargo in peril. I’d be devastated if I lost 30 cans of Rainier.

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