Unsure Where to Donate? This Quiz Can Point You in the Right Direction.

Every year I pick two charities to donate money to. You would think that explanation would work on the dozens of people on London streets looking for donations for various charities, although, they probably hear something similar a thousand times throughout the day.

These days it’s tougher than ever to find reputable charities. Fake News isn’t the only fake thing out there, and as good as Kickstarter and GoFundMe are, they also open it up to scammers. You just have to do more homework on who’s legit. However, there’s a quiz you can take, which gives you an idea of what type of charities you would be into supporting.

I took it and it was pretty accurate to the causes I think can do the most good: research and global health. It had animal welfare in there, which I am for, it’s just I think a lot of charities have the wrong approach to it, however, that’s another topic for another time. If you’re concerned about which charities to send your hard-earned dollars to, check this quiz out.



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