Stats Don’t Tell The Story

If you look at the small sample size of the Canucks in 2017 it’s not too bad. They’re 3-4 with 9 points out of a possible 14, which means even in losses they’ve been getting points. It’s when you look closer though is when it gets a bit uglier.

For starters (pun intended) Jacob Markstrom just made his second start of the young year. So the younger guy, who’s signed for more years has two starts out of seven games.And in those seven games, their three wins came first, against the likes of the Colorado Avalanche, Arizona Coyotes, and Calgary Flames. They then started the four-game skid the night after beating Calgary by losing to them in Cowtown.

While the on-ice performance is iffy, the off-ice drama is ramping up once again. I’m not going to get into the Anton Rodin drama, as Botch has done a much better job┬áthan I ever could. Also, everyone knows it at this point, but it continues to be a drawn-out, confusing mess. It’s exacerbated by the Front Office and coaching staff continuing to give awful answers to easy questions, which just brings up more questions. They are very adept at contradicting themselves.

A few stats that do tell the story are those pesky “fancy” stats which a certain podcast hates. However, they do reveal the real issue with the Canucks recent ineptitude, especially on the PowerPlay, which Botch highlights here. You don’t need those stats to know the PP is God-awful though, just the ability of sight. Although, at this point you can probably smell them being awful through the TV.

My lack of faith in the Front Office has nothing to do with on-ice performance. It has to do with poor line management, refusing to ask players to waive no-trade clauses, and not being able to answer simple questions without creating more of them or contradicting earlier statements. I can deal with losing, I’m a Detroit Lions fan after all.

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