Should They Stay Or Go?

Andy Reid has been a very good for the Chiefs. In his first season, 2013, after taking over for Romeo Crennel he took a team that went 2-14, made some changes, and went 11-5, losing in the Wild Card Round. In 2014, he went 9-7, missing the playoffs, but rebounded in 2015 going 11-5 once again, ultimately falling in the Divisional Round, after crushing the Texans in the Wild Card Round. This season they went 12-4, losing again in the Divisional Round after a first round bye.

In four seasons with the Chiefs, Reid has gone 43-21 in the regular season, finishing second the division three times, and winning it once. Those years he finished second were to the Denver Broncos, who ended up with a Superbowl victory last year. He has also averaged a +98.25 Point Differential over that span. Not too shabby.

However, he has also gone 1-3 in the playoffs over that span. Their lone victory being a 30-point shutout of the Texans. However, they haven’t lost by wide margins either, losing by an average of 3.33: 1-point loss to the Colts in 2013; 7-point loss to the Patriots in 2015; 2-point loss to the Steelers in 2016. Again, not too shabby.

Although, Andy Reid is a guy who has a reputation for not being able to get over the hump. He made five straight NFC Championship games from 2000-2004 with the Eagles, only winning one. Three of those four losses were to the Superbowl runner-up as well, with the Buccaneers being the only winner. The Eagles lost their lone trip to the big one to the Patriots.

So if you’re a Chiefs fan do you still have faith in Andy Reid? His playoff losses with the Chiefs have all been by one score, but the argument can be made that means they were very winnable. Reid is not known for his ability to manage the clock at the end of games, which has to be frustrating for the players.

I’m not picking on Reid because I am a Raiders fan or something. I’m a Detroit Lions fan, so I have no room to talk about consistently making the playoffs. Reid is just the most recent example of this after the Chiefs loss yesterday to the Steelers. It’s fairly prevalent in English Football though, with Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger being the focus of opposing fans.

While Wenger has won the English Premier League three times (97-98, 01-02, 03-04) he hasn’t been able to win it in well over a decade, but has the reputation of finishing in the top four every season. This has frustrated fans to no end, but the question remains: Will making a change at the top get them over-the-hump, or make them sink deeper?

As a Detroit Pistons fan I went through it with Rick Carlisle. He had two really good postseasons in a row, but had trouble getting to the next level. Joe Dumars, who was GM at the time, made a controversial move and replaced Carlisle with Larry Brown, who was able to get the Pistons to the promise land in 2003-2004, and almost again in 2004-2005.

Carlisle is not a bad coach, winning the title with the Dallas Mavericks in 2010-2011. Ironically the Pistons replaced Brown with Flip Saunders, who took the team to three straight Eastern Conference Finals without being able to make it the Finals. Again, good results.

I think in the case of the Chiefs they have to give Reid at least one more chance. He has turned the team around, and as an owner I’d rather be making the playoffs and losing than sitting at Home with a 9-7 or 8-8 record. But as a fan, its frustrating as Hell. But it could be worse. You could have gone to four straight Superbowls and not win one. Sorry Bills Mafia, that was a low-blow.



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