NFL Divisional Weekend Review

Well that weekend was a bit more exciting! It was just two games really, however, Seahawks and Falcons was a close one in the first half. I also went 3-1, which is nice. As a Lions fan, that Packers at Cowboys game was lose-lose, but I will not deny the entertainment factor. What a game. We have what the NFL wanted in the AFC Championship game, and what I think, is a sneaky-good NFC Championship.

Falcons 36 Seahawks 20

As I said this one was a lot closer in the first half, with both teams looking pretty even. Before that late first half TD, it was 12-10 Falcons. I don’t think this one was the irrational confidence of the Seahawks, but just the Falcons being that good. However, the Seahawks did themselves no favors. They had inconsistent play for the Offensive Line, and the Falcons passing game cut through a depleted Defensive Secondary.

I’m not upset if I am a Seahawks fan though. They won a playoff game with a ton of of injuries and a bad Offensive Line. I think a lot of the core is still really good, and I don’t believe this team is going anywhere, anytime soon. As for the Falcons, that Offense is legit. There’s still some questions about the Defense, but this team deserves praise.

Patriots 34 Texans 16

This one was a lot closer, especially in the first half, than many expected. However, the Texans still weren’t able to cover the massive 15-point spread. I think this was Bill O’Brien coming up with a good plan to contain the Patriots Offense, but eventually they figured out the cracks, and took advantage. Also, the Texans Offense was not good enough to capitalize on their Defense’s stops. They got two interceptions from Brady, who threw two in 12 games of the regular season. Deflections or not, a turnover is a turnover.

I will say Brock Osweiler looked good at times, and at other times he looked like the guy dumped in favor of Tom Savage. You can’t blame him for that Fuller drop, Brock put that ball right where only Fuller could get it. He also threw an atrocious interception, but that’s because the Patriots Defense was not making things easy for the Texans. A close first half with a predictable finish.

Steelers 18 Chiefs 16

This one was a bit lower scoring than I thought. However, the weather was definitely making an impact, and I figured it would be close. To be as cliched as possible it was a chess match aka when you see a two-point margin of victory and a lot of FGs just call it a chess match.

This is not that shocking though. These teams were evenly matched, and both have coaches with a lot of playoff experience. I can break this one down, but others can do that better. I would be very disappointed if I was a Chiefs fan. This is another big disappointment after a great regular season. They’re stuck in that zone of “Fire a successful coach who can’t get over the hump, or wait to see if he can.” Good luck KC.

Packers 34 Cowboys 31

As I said, this one was lose-lose for me, but entertaining as Hell. It had everything a big match-up should: one team pulled away; the other caught up; and they traded scores late, with a team winning on an expiring clock. Tough to score 18 points in the fourth quarter and lose, but with two amazing rookies, Cowboys fans should be ok, but they won’t be.

Aaron Rodgers just keeps pulling big plays out of his arse, and he did it yet again. Questions on Defense? No problem. Your number one receiver out? No problem. They just tied it with 40 seconds to go? No problem. It’s insane, but hats off to him. I really thought the Cowboys would be able to control that game, but they got off to a horrendous start and weren’t able to climb out of the hole.


I’m not sure the Patriots-Steelers match-up is going to be the barn-burner the NFL wants it to. My prediction is it will play out a lot like the Patriots game this past weekend, close, early with the better team pulling away at the end. I think Packers-Falcons could be a lot better. They played each other this season, with the Falcons edging the Packers by one-point at Home. I’m thinking the rematch will be much the same.




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