I Love A Good Infographic

Who doesn’t like a good infographic? Insane people that’s who. Fast Company has a look at the new book¬†National Geographic Infographics.¬†As the Fast Company author, Meg Miller, points out: “The fact that National Geographic continues to be a collector’s item when other print magazines are struggling…is testament as much to its artwork as to its articles.” To be selling print magazines right now is insane, but to actually be doing it profitably is even crazier.

However, National Geographic has always been able to stay on what’s current and provide content their audience continues to want. Their ability to cut across Physics, History, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Business, and a ton of other topics means their appeal is very wide. While I might not be running out to get this one, mainly because I am going to be homeless in about three weeks, I’m definitely putting this one in the memory banks for later on.


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