Containership Almost Hits Land in the Bosphorus

Photo courtesy of @voztezcan on Twitter

The OOCL Novorossiysk almost ran aground (gCaptain), and while it appears it was in it’s native Russian waters, this was actually in the blistery Bosphorus Strait in Turkey. The ship went a bit off course during a snowstorm. While this isn’t a rare occurence in one of the busiest channels in the world, it’s still pretty terrifying when you look outside and see a ship of that size barreling toward your location.

It also highlights how insane the ocean is. That ship is massive, but it’s still floating with a ton of containers, which essentially make one big sail. The ocean does not care how big your ship is, it will try and push it right into land. Or the captain could have been blasted, who knows.

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