Gotta Admire This Chargers Fan

Saw this quick video of a guy throwing eggs at the San Diego Chargers HQ after the announcement they’re moving to Los Angeles. Gotta admit I admire the sentiment and where his head’s at, although, the effort could definitely have been better. But the point was made.

The worst part in all of this has been the new logo. When I first saw it on Twitter I thought it was a joke. Then reality hit, and, wow. Just wow. It has brought some great tweets and takes on it though. Many coming from other professional sports franchises, and a lot of college ones as well. The Dallas Stars might have had my favorite one.

The NFL wants the Los Angeles market to work so bad. I’m not sure how well that’s going to work though. While the Chargers are a bit better situated than the Rams, it’s still a tough sell in Los Angeles. There’s a long track record of indifference, especially when the team isn’t competing. Best of luck though to the new Los Angeles Football Dodgers errr Chargers.

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