An Apartment and a Car

Apartments are always trying to lure tenants in via amenities and perks. Whether it be pools, gyms, saunas, and so on. Some places look like spas when you get to a certain price point. One New York City apartment building is taking it to another level though. They will give you car, well access to a car.

The Solaire development in Lower Manhattan has BMWs available, including a few of the electric i3S. I love this idea, and hope it catches on. While every apartment building won’t have BMWs, and shouldn’t, it makes so much sense.

Even when I lived in Portland I barely drove, and probably should have downgraded on my vehicle long before I moved. I walked or took the streetcar everywhere if I was staying in the city, or even the suburbs sometimes. So having this in places like New York, or Chicago, is perfect.

It’s already been done via companies like ZipCar and Car2Go. However, this ups it as the car is literally at your home. Buy a fleet of Toyota Prius (or what it be Prii?), or Honda Accords. The company already has all your info, they could even get a group insurance policy on the tenants most likely. I hope this starts a trend.

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