The Chargers Are Moving North

It’s not concrete yet, but Adam Schefter is reporting it will be soon: The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. It’s been rumored for awhile now, and almost happened last year, and many though it would. This outright sucks for Chargers fans. Even though I am not as invested in my teams as I once was, I can’t imagine losing one. Although, there’s a couple silver-linings.


It’s not like they’re moving across the country. Imagine how New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers fans felt in the 1950s when their teams moved to California and they were still using the Pony Express. Ok, maybe they had phones, but imagine that without the internet, waiting for the box score in next day’s paper. I know there is a baseball rivalry between the two cities, but it’s eight homes games a year, so not awful.


I have to admire the city of San Diego here though. Coming from a city that’s bankrupt, yet continues to spend money on building stadiums┬áit’s refreshing for someone to take a stand. With as much money as NFL teams make, it’s insane for them to want a city to pay for a stadium. I can see concessions on property taxes, and even investing in the building, however, giving billionaires the tax-payers money is absurd.

I might just be grasping at straws here though, looking for a silver-lining. Even being five time zones away from my teams, I would be mad if they moved. Hang in there San Diego, you still have the Padres, amazing weather, and legal weed. Also, Mexico is right there, so drown your sorrows in Tijuana, and start planning your trips north.


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