Kirk Gibson Gets to the Hall of Fame, No Not That One.

Kirk Gibson is a Hall of Famer! The College Football Hall of Fame that is. For us Michiganders we know Gibby is much more than his 1988 HR in the World Series. He was hitting World Series HRs four years earlier. This one is even better, because Goose Gossage called off the intentional walk,¬†it clinched the Series, and we get Sparky Anderson’s commentary. But I guess since it didn’t happen on the East or West Coast then it takes a back seat (rant over).

However, what many don’t know is Gibby was a great receiver¬†at Michigan State, like really great. He still owns the MSU record for Yards Per Catch (21.0), Receptions (112), TD Receptions (24), and Receiving Yards (2,347). Not bad for someone who played between 1975 and 1978 when rushing was still king. Also, since MSU has had quite a few great receivers since then: Charles Rogers, Derrick Mason, Plaxico Burres, and Andre Rison.

That hair. Sparty On!

He enters the Hall of Fame with the likes of Peyton Manning, Marshall Faulk, Matt Leinart, and Steve Spurrier. Some pretty big names for sure, but there sits Gibby, the peer to all these guys when it comes to College Football, wearing two World Series rings. Not too shabby.

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