Podcast Review: Jay and Dan

I know I am skewing a lot toward Sports in some of these, however, the Jay and Dan Podcast is a lot more than just sports talk. While they work for Fox Sports, and TSN in Canada previously, their podcast is anything but Sports for the most part. They delve into everything from pop culture, music, movies, Canadianity, and anything they want for the most part.


Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole are absolute legends in Canada. They used to host the TSN version of SportsCenter and migrated south a few years ago to host the Fox Sports version, when they launched their own channel to compete with ESPN. While many sports commentators push for the comedy routine, I feel like Jay and Dan are more adept at it than most.

For starters both have no problem mocking themselves, or their industry, which makes for much funnier jokes than other commentators. When they do have prepared comedy bits, Dan usually plays the straight man, while Jay has no problem going off the rails. While its almost four and a half years old now, their final show on TSN is a great cross-section of their humor. They carry this over to their podcast, where they get a bit more uncensored and looser.


While the show has several recurring segments, they rotate them based off how much time they have, and who is available. For example, their Sound Engineer, Jim, has worked with world-famous musical acts, such as Guns N Roses, so is always full of stories and memories. They do a segment with him called “Six Degrees of Engineer Jim” where someone names a band and they see if he has a connection. It’s pretty incredible how many acts he has worked with.

A vast majority of shows have guests, who range from athletes, Fox Sports co-workers, former co-workers from Canada, comedians, musicians, and so on. This brings a great variety to the show and doesn’t allow it to fall into the same cycle a lot of Sports podcasts do. One of my favorite podcasts was with Pete Rose, where they discussed his retirement, commentating and his love of Vegas. They barely mentioned his playing days, it was great.

They are a bit heavy on the Canadian side of things, obviously. A recurring guest is Our Lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart, from Toronto. They delve deep into ┬áCanadian pop-culture, both new and old, but also discuss current topics in the US and worldwide. They balance Taggart’s Canadianity nicely with NFL reporter Peter Schrager and his love of chain restaurants.


While they can get a bit too deep into Canadian lore, it’s a very funny show. No matter the topic, it’s a very funny show. Both Jay and Dan always keep it fresh, while Engineer Jim and the rest of the staff chip in when they can. It can get a bit “adult,” however, any curse words are bleeped out, and it’s mostly scatological talk anyway. At one episode per week I like this show as an almost pallet cleanser, it’s funny, it’s light, and it generates some legit lol moments from me.

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