Automated Farmers?

Automated vehicles are all the rage at the moment. It started with Tesla and now it’s spreading. As someone in the Logistics industry, I’ve been following the advent of automated ships for some time, as well as the push for automated trucks. We’ve moved well beyond apps being the latest technological advances in transportation.

Automated tractors aren’t a brand new thing either. For the last few years GPS systems have helped farmers plant straighter rows, and even taken over the wheel of a tractor. However, it still required an operator and was fixed to an existing tractor. This new tractor looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

It makes sense, and probably should have been the first field (pun intended) where automated vehicles were tested. While fields have some obstacles, it’s nothing like the road, not to mention the amount of people around. But what does this mean for farmers and their employees?

People are already disconnected from their food sources, now we might be removing people from the actual planting, fertilizing and harvesting of the food. Automation is great, but at what cost. You have to have a human element as well. I mean once SkyNet takes over our food, it’s over right?

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