A Hot Tip From Rachel Nichols on Podcasts…on a Podcast.

As you know I am a big podcast guy, huge even. The problem with podcasts is there’s so many good ones now, that I literally don’t have time to listen to them, especially since I started reviewing them. It’s a great problem to have, but I’m sacrificing quality podcasts just due to time-constraints. However, I heard a great tip this morning.

While I was making breakfast I was listening to Jonah Keri interview Rachel Nichols on the aptly named Jonah Keri Podcast, which I reviewed here. For those of you unfamiliar with Rachel she’s a mainstay on ESPN and a very good sports journalist in my opinion. In today’s world of people getting harangued for every little thing, I never hear criticism of her work, which means she’s good in the Social Media world.

Anyway, at the end of every show Jonah asks his guest for a life tip. Anything from diet and exercise to how to tie your shoes. Rachel gave one of the best: listen to podcasts on double speed. It’s so simple. It’s so obvious, and yet I totally didn’t consider it. Every podcast app I’ve used has this function. I’ve even accidentally hit that button before and changed it right back, but it makes so much sense.

As Rachel said it takes some getting used to, but its worth getting over the hump. An hour and a half podcast becomes 45 minutes. Instead of barely one podcast during a workout I can get two in now. This is particularly good on the long-form podcasts like Joe Rogan and Something to Wrestle With. Thank you Rachel Nichols, once again you’ve proven why you are one of the best!

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