Working Out with a Hangover

I came across this article about running with a hangover on Outside Online. This got me interested, because I try to get to the gym Saturday and Sunday, for a variety of reasons. The main reason being I never feel rushed on weekends, which is always nice. However, when hanging out with friends getting to the gym can be a challenge.

Now I don’t always work out with a hangover (and if my mother is reading this I am NOT hungover every weekend!), but if I have a slight one I always try to get there. The first time I did it was Hell, actually every time it’s Hell. Although, its the classic/cheesy “Sometimes you have to go through Hell to get to Heaven.” It works every time.

It gets the blood moving, which gets more oxygen to the brain, and lets you sweat out some of those toxins (Bro-Science). You have to make sure you hydrate on your way in though. Nothing smarter than starting a workout already dehydrated. I did that once, got seven minutes into it and had to call it quits. I’ve also gone when I have been too hungover, also not a very smart move. Ended with me in the steam room chugging water.

Everyone is wired differently, so this might not be for you. However, read the article with the real science, take my Bro-Science advice, and maybe next time when you’re slightly hungover give it a try. If it doesn’t work, you were hungover anyway so you’ll probably be in the same spot, but you got out of bed, so go get some McDonald’s.

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