Why You Don’t Go To Miami Before A Playoff Game

This whole “Boat Gate” thing is stupid, for a number of reasons. It’s stupid the sports media and talking-heads will not drop it. It’s stupid everyone is blaming a 38-13 loss on it. But by far the dumbest thing is that they even did it in the first place.


I don’t think that trip had any effect on how the Giants Receiver Corps played against the Packers. It ended almost a full week before that game kicked off. However, it was very stupid for a few reasons. The most glaring reason was do they not remember the absolute shit-storm Tony Romo went through? And that was on a bye-week! There is no excuse for being shocked at how the media has reacted, so any complaints the Giants Receiver Corps have on that front are invalid.


Collectively that group can charter private jets, yachts, and get hotel suites any weekend they want, so why not wait until the off-season? Or even better, plan to do that whenever your season ends. This isn’t baseball or soccer, even if you win the Super Bowl you get 3-4 months off. Go then.


They cannot claim ignorance or put this back on the sports media. Ever since the advent of the 24-hour sports media, they jump on all this stuff. Even if Odell Beckham dropped one pass, they’d be all over him, blaming this trip, let alone the game he had. He, of course, was going to take the brunt of it too being the biggest name. Especially, considering the media has been all over him already.

I’m not defending the coverage of this, because it’s been deplorable. However, it’s nice to see some are calling others out on it. But this was completely predictable, and the Giants players involved have zero excuses for not knowing this would be the backlash if they lost, or even had bad games. They’re young, they’re rich, but this is not a new development in the coverage of professional sports. Odell Beckham being under a microscope this year should have been a warning sign against anything like this. That should have told them “Let’s not give them ammunition to go after us.”

But here we are. Staring down a summer of “Boat Gate” coverage on ESPN and Fox Sports. I look forward to seeing the dock-workers, boat owner, and “witnesses” being all over sports coverage and the New York rags exaggerated stories from others.


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