NFL Wild Card Weekend Review

Well the Lions weren’t able to do something two non-playoffs were able to: Exploit the Seahawks wounded secondary. The Cardinals and 49ers (the 2-14 49ers I might add) put up big numbers on a wounded Seattle defense in the last two weeks of the season, yet good ol Jim Caldwell was once again clueless. Good thing he’s coming back next year though! And people wonder why the “Same Old Lions” moniker won’t go away.

Anyway, there were three more games, so I won’t dwell on the team that hasn’t won a playoff game since I was 7 years old. These games went pretty close to how many predicted. I of course had to overthink it yet again, but I will take 2-1!

Texans 27 Raiders 14

This one went exactly how I saw it, but I did not expect Brock Osweiler to look as good as he did. He wasn’t Joe Montana, but he was solid and pretty much mistake free, letting the Texans Defense set the tone against a rookie QB making his first start. Like I said, this Defense is something else at Home, just smothering in some cases.

Connor Cook wasn’t atrocious, but he didn’t look great. Some have blamed coach Jack Del Rio for not going with his other option Matt McGloin, but I’m not sure the results would have been any different. He got screwed losing his MVP-caliber QB at the end of the year and tried to make due. The Raiders are a young team though, and the future is bright.

Steelers 30 Dolphins 12

This one was a lock. The only thing I toyed with was the Dolphins covering, but was smart enough to stay away from that. The Steelers proved they are a threat in the AFC. They came out throwing with Antonio Brown getting two long TDs in the first eight minutes. Then pounded away with Le’Veon Bell getting 167 yards. It was such a Steelers playoff win. Under 200 passing yards, 150+ rushing yards, and a great Defense.

The Dolphins were another team working with a backup QB in the first round, and it showed. The Dolphins had a much better year than anyone though they would, but this was uphill all the way. Matt Moore also got drilled by a defender leading with his helmet, but of course the NFL, who supposedly cares about their players, only saw fit to give them a penalty and not an ejection. Making it really hard to continue watching NFL.

Packers 38 Giants 13

This one was a lot closer than the final score would have you believe. It was 14-6 Packers at halftime, but that was after Aaron Rodgers bombed one for a TD with no time left in the first half. The second half was all Packers out-scoring the Giants 24-7. It appears that Hail Mary was a back-breaker for New York.

As I said I over-thought this one, but I tend to do that. I also think the whole boat thing will be way over-blown by the talking heads and the trash sports media in New York (not all of NY sports media, just the trash ones). Here’s my take (like you care), you don’t do that because it will impact your performance. You don’t do it because if you lose then that’s all anyone will talk about. Have fun with everyone bringing that up for the entire year!


It was a lopsided weekend, but still rather entertaining and has setup some great match-ups for the Divisional Round. I think Seahawks-Falcons will be much better than a lot of people think, with Steelers-Chiefs being my sleeper for best game. I think the storyline of the young Cowboys facing the veteran Packers is a great one, and then Patriots-Texans…yeah. It won’t be awful, but barring early injuries, Texans away from Home, against New England, in the playoffs? Yeah, don’t think I will be staying up for that one.



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