NFL Week 17 Review

Not an insane week to end the season, but some craziness afterwards that’s for sure. Chip Kelly and GM Trent Baalke are out in San Francisco,  Gary Kubiak has stepped down in Denver, and many other changes on “Black Monday,” and I’m sure some more to come. This season seems to have brought up more questions than answers: “Where will Tony Romo end up?” “Is Sean Payton out in New Orleans?” “What happened to the Panthers?” and so on, and so forth. But who cares about that, I went 4-1! Let’s do it!


I’m not going to act like I am Nostradamus or anything, and I will do an overall look at my picks this (partial) season, but 4-1 is awesome to end the season on. It wasn’t rocket-science really. Just look who had the most to prove and go with them, and always look at division match-ups

Never underestimate the hatred of the NFC East for one. I just knew Philadelphia was not going to roll over against Dallas at Home, in the last game of the year. People always like to say players don’t care about rivalries, which I believe if partially true. However, Eagles players know their fan base, and know they will be run out of town if they ever take that game lightly. Doesn’t hurt Dallas played three QBs either.

I was a bit more uneasy about the Giants visiting Washington though. Washington had a lot to play for, and the Giants were in no matter what. Again, rivalry game, but the Giants defense showed up, and in a big way to really spoil a division rival’s playoff chances. The Saints had their chance to lay in one more punch to their division rival, in the regular season finale of the Georgia Dome, but alas it was not meant to be. Although, it was high-scoring as I thought, they fell to the Falcons 38-32.

Although they were out of the playoffs already, I felt like the Titans had something to prove as well. They laid an egg in Jacksonville last week, which would have set up this game as a divisional championship. Alas, we were robbed of it, but the Titans got their moral victory…so…yay for them? The Bucs definitely got one, edging out the Panthers by one. This is a team which started 1-3, including a loss to the Rams, so finishing 9-7 and beating the Panthers had to feel good even though they missed the playoffs.


Agent 89 did not have the send off I would have hoped for as the Ravens lost to the Bengals in a big way. Neither could make the playoffs, however, I would have hoped for a better showing in his last game. He caught three catches for 34 yards, but he has a full career to look back on for highlights.

The Patriots stomped out the Dolphins, which wasn’t shocking considering New England is rolling at the moment. Minnesota finished off a very disappointing season with a win over the Bears. They went for it even with their starting QB being out. While it didn’t work can’t fault them for that.

The Broncos crushed the Raiders whose playoff seeding was cemented, but still leaves a lot of questions about their playoff form without Derek Carr. Seattle struggled to beat the 49ers, which also brought up a myriad of questions about their playoff chances, however, their first round opponent should be a push over…sigh…

Same Old Lions showed up! Their last four games they went 1-3, with the only win a three-point squeaker with the Bears. Granted the losses were to the Cowboys, Giants, and Packers, but guess what? The games get much harder next week. It’s tough to be happy when they make the playoffs when the Vikings and Bears are awful and the Packers start slow. Oh and you tank the division in the last month. And people wonder why the Same Old Lions line won’t go away.


I wasn’t going to make picks for the playoffs, but then figured, why not? There’s only four games, so might as well. Well, three, definitely not picking the Lions vs Seahawks, I’m already more than invested in that one.





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