NFL Week 16 Review

Wow…just wow…so damn close. All five games I picked had an average margin of victory of 4.6 points. Pretty much one score across the board (Raiders won by eight but thats a TD and a two-point conversion). So I went 1-4, and yes, I am counting the Cardinals as a victory, but it was quite the week.


I think the theme of the last few weeks has been “underestimation.” I really thought the Colts would show up, because they had their destiny in their hands. However, Black Jack del Rio has the Raiders rolling, and they continued that with a 33-25 win at Home. The Steelers are in the same boat at the moment, also winning at Home. I still don’t mind picking the Ravens, they had been straight up owning the AFC North this season, but suffered their first divisional loss by four points, 31-27.

I tried to stay away from the Rams – 49ers just because it was a mess. Both teams are pretty awful, some could argue worse than the Browns, so I probably should have stayed away. The 49ers continued by downfall by eeking out a 22-21 victory in Los Angeles. I also should have stayed away from the Bucs visiting the Saints. New Orleans has been so inconsistent this season, and I figured the Bucs would win easy. Shouldn’t have ignored their indoor record as much as I did, dropping a Road game 31-24.

I am still in shock over the Cardinals winning in Seattle. I thought for sure it would be close, but the Seahawks were 7-0 at Home, I mean come on! But as I said, the Cardinals still have a good coaching staff and team despite their record. They snuck one out in Seattle and walk away with a 34-31 win, and a moral victory against the already crowned NFC West champs.


Another team I stayed away from this week was Miami. They too had been a tough one for me to pick, and I had them down as winners, but that backup QB situation has been tripping me out. Once again, misguided on my part. They rolled into Buffalo and escaped with a 34-31 win in OT. Incredible year for the Dolphins.

There were some pretty predictable outcomes though: Patriots over Jets big, 41-3; Texans sneak past Bengals, 12-10; Packers beat Vikings at Home, 38-25; Redskins over Bears, 41-21; Chiefs over Broncos, 33-10; and Falcons over Panthers on the Road, 33-16. However, there were three games that stuck out.

The Eagles, who have been good at Home, but iffy recently, decided to ruin their division rivals day, beating the Giants 24-19. They almost played spoiler last week too. Everyone wants to say they just started well, but I think the future is pretty bright for them. The Browns are winless now more! They shocked the Chargers (ok, only one!) at Home 20-17, to leave my lowly Lions as still the only team to go 0-16.

How bout them Jaguars?! New coach, two wins all year, a surging Tennessee in town, perfect time to play spoiler. They destroyed the Titans, 38-17, in probably what is the biggest surprise this week (Lions-Cowboys MNF pending). I definitely didn’t think this was going to happen, nor did anyone really. The AFC South has been a mess this year, and it keeps going into Week17!


Final week of the regular season is upon us. It’s been an odd season, but that fits with the year 2016. Here’s what I am looking at for next week:

  • Panthers @ Buccaneers
  • Cowboys @ Eagles
  • Ravens @ Bengals
  • Giants @ Redskins
  • Bills @ Jets
  • Texans @ Titans
  • Saints @ Falcons

Enjoy and go Lions!


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