My NFL Picks: Week 16

*For the new ones, this should never be used for wagering more than £5/$5 and I try to choose games with better odds/long-shots. 

Well last week was a little better than the week prior, however, the NFL is cutting me no slack. This week stands to be one of the best weeks of the year. Although, we’ve been burned in the past. My Lions are in the spotlight taking on the Cowboys on Monday Night Football, and I for one am hoping for some revenge.

Colts @ Raiders (Line: Colts +3)

The Colts destroyed the Vikings on the Road last week, and have gotten to a respectable record (7-7, +23 Point Differential) considering their start. The Raiders are kinda good though (11-3, +41 Point Differential; 5-2, +14 Point Differential Home), and have already locked up a playoff spot. Colts still have a great shot at the post-season and need a win badly, even outside of the division. I think the Colts come to play and the Raiders slip up here.

49ers @ Rams (Line: Rams +3)

This is the battle of the bottom dwellers. The 49ers (1-13, -170 Point Differential) and the Rams (4-10, -131 Point Differential) have been the punching bags of the NFL. While the Rams look better on paper, they got all four of those wins under recently-fired Head Coach Jeff Fisher. However, they are better in the division (2-2, -39 Point Differential) than San Francisco (1-3, -6 Point Differential). Even though a lot has changed, I am going with the Rams in the NFL equivalent of a monkey poop fight at the zoo.

Buccaneers @ Saints (Line: Bucs +3)

The Saints offense looked great last week putting up 48 on the Cardinals, on the Road. However, they’ve been inconsistent, especially at Home (3-4, +5 Point Differential). The Bucs (8-6, -9 Point Differential) have really come into their own this season, despite dropping a game last week, albeit to the Cowboys. This comes down to divisional records for me, which the Bucs (3-1, even Point Differential) take over the Saints (1-3, -18 Point Differential). I am going with the Bucs, even though their record indoors isn’t stellar.

Falcons @ Panthers (Line: Falcons -3)

The Panthers are not as bad as their record (6-8, -15 Point Differential), however, you never know which team is going to show up. The Falcons on the other hand are very good (9-5, +55 Point Differential), and are much better in the division (3-1, +36 Point Differential). I think they continue against a Panther’s team that has been up and down all year, and one that hasn’t found out how to be all that competitive in the division (1-3, -16 Point Differential). I like the Falcons here, but two scores.

Ravens @ Steelers (Line: Ravens +5)

This is a very tough one, I might as well flip a coin. The Ravens have been inconsistent this season (8-6, +43 Point Differential), but have looked really good at times, even in their losses. However, the Steelers are rolling right now (9-5, +65 Point Differential) on a five-game win streak. What this comes down to for me are their divisional records, Pittsburgh (3-1, +20 Point Differential) and Baltimore (4-0, +38 Point Differential). I think John Harbaugh has figured out his divisional opponents, and they take this one.


Cardinals @ Seahawks (Line: +7.5)

While the Cardinals have not had the season they wanted after a very good one in 2015, they definitely remember how to play their divisional foes (2-1-1, +11 Point Differential). However, this game is in Seattle and if you haven’t heard the Seahawks are pretty good at Home (7-0, +94 Point Differential). Plus, Seattle has locked down the division already, and are without Earl Thomas this time around. When they played in Arizona and Thomas was healthy, they played to a 6-6 draw. Despite it being a down season they still have a good coaching staff. While they might not win it, a loss will be a close loss. Go with the spread on this one.

Good luck to all, and go Lions!




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