Food Stereotypes: They’re Real in the UK

One of the first things a lot of people said when I told them I was moving to London was “Good luck with the food,” or something to that effect. While they excel here in their traditional dishes (pies, fish and chips, etc.), they brutally butcher other dishes. I mean to laughable levels.

The picture is from Dominos UK website, and I know Dominos is not a great representation of food. However,  I have ordered “Nachos” at a pub and literally received the same thing: a few chips, with some type of cheese microwaved on top. Don’t forget the “salsa” sauce, which is ketchup with some kick to it.


I’ve had awful nachos in North America as well. However, they at least had more than just melted cheese on them. At this point they aren’t even making an attempt. I don’t want to get started on pizza either, that is a complete abomination. Let’s just say Dominos is the best pizza I’ve had in the UK.

You might be asking yourself: “Of course nachos and pizza suck in the UK, why are you trying them?” Because I’ve been here  for almost a year and sometimes you get sick of meat pies, fish & chips, and hoping the burger you just ordered has fully cooked bacon on it and some semblance of taste. Just make sure when you travel to the UK go native when it comes to food or be ready to play some food roulette.

*This does not include cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, et al. Those restaurants and eateries are very good as they are authentic.

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