Consistently Inconsistent

Yeah its a stupid headline, but I don’t care. It’s accurate that’s for sure. I did a double take when I saw the score from the Winnipeg game the other night, as I was trying to confirm which team won 4-1. However, I shouldn’t be shocked, I mean they’ve beaten the Lightning twice, and the Rangers in Madison Square Garden, so big wins aren’t unheard of out of this squad.

Now the Jets aren’t exactly leading their division this year, as they currently sit sixth of seven in the Central Division and have only two more points than the Canucks. Although, the Hurricanes put up an eight-spot on the Canucks, so this is still a nice win. They also held Patrick Laine off the score sheet, except for a -2.

Jannik Hansen is still announcing his presence with authority like a Danish Nuke LaLoosh getting a pair of goals, and Horvat broke his latest goalless streak (albeit with an empty netter, still counts!), while Eriksson extended his. Seeing a pattern of inconsistency here?

I am glad Willie benched Sven Baertschi though, clearly he deserved it (sarcasm). I try to like and support Willie, but when he starts benching random guys to send a message all he does is alienate them. It’s one thing if you’re contending, and have been. However, when you’re bottom dwellers and the guy hasn’t been the problem it sends the wrong message.

This why all this inconsistency is so frustrating from my point-of-view. Clearly there is talent on this team. Maybe not top-tier contending for the Cup talent, but at least not bottom-dwellers. Although, it appears the coaching staff has no idea how to do that. They constantly pigeon-hole players into roles they want them to play rather than what they’re best suited for. They give some players all the time in the world to improve, while others get a game, at most.

I’m not sure how much longer he will last, but I am off the Willie train. He needs to go. He seems to have no idea how to put together lines, let alone how to play them in certain situations, at the NHL level. And for all those “Team Tank” people who like to bash Benning and Linden, why do you want to put high picks in the hands of people you think are imbeciles?

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