Want to Spread Your Way of Thinking? Go to the Places Where They Don’t Think Like You.

I came up with a saying while I was living in Portland: “Being an outspoken vegan in Portland is like being a Catholic missionary in the Vatican.” Hence the picture for this post. My point being why go to one of the places where that would be most accepted and talk about it constantly? I’m using this version as I want to avoid politics.

If you want to change people’s minds you can’t sit around the places where everyone agrees with you and think that’s the world. I am bringing this up because I saw a great article about people doing just that in a small town in Kentucky which is experiencing a “Food Revolution.” This is exactly how you change people’s minds. Telling someone and showing them are two very different things.

Now I am by no means a vegan, however, I’ve had some great vegan food before. I’ve also had some awful vegan food. But guess what? I’ve also had some great Italian food and some that would cause Italy to invade the US it was so bad. Point being I mocked it, but then I tried it and found it can be great. You can tell people how great something is, or you can show them. One is a lot easier than the other, but the other yields better results.

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