NFL Week 15 Review

Hell of a week! While my record wasn’t great (2-3) this week was still very entertaining. Some upsets, some close ones that shouldn’t be, and some others were way out there. I almost was on the winning side of things, and damn near reversed my fortunes to go 4-1, but as they say “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Let’s take a look at where I went wrong.


Let’s start off where I was right. I figured the Saints would pull one out against the Cardinals, despite how good Arizona has been at Home. However, if you told me it would be 48-41 I’d say you were smoking something funny. But the Saints have been doing that a lot this season, so not that surprising.

The Colts however did surprise me. Talk about a big win, going into Minnesota and walking away with a 34-6 triumph. They’ve been up and down all year, but this was what they are when they play their best. I really hope Andrew Luck gets the support he needs in the offseason, because he is fun to watch when he’s on his game.

Now for the ‘fun’ bits. Once again I went against the Steelers on the Road, and once again was burned. I think I am going to take a break from them now. It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win, especially at this stage, and they went into Cincy and won 24-20. I was way off on the Jets-Dolphins. Matt Moore did not look like a backup who’d been on ice for three years, as he walked into the Meadow Lands and got a 34-13 win.

I was so damn close on the Eagles-Ravens! The Eagles lose by one, after tying it late then having massive cojones and going for two and the win, they fell to the Ravens 27-26. If you took the points, good job, if not you have to respect the move. They go in at 5-8, and in the same division as the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins, so make it interesting. Ten times out of ten you have to go for it.


The Giants are ugly, but they win, so who cares? They take down my Lions 17-6 a week after taking down the Cowboys. That is a scary team, not a 12-2 one, but a 10-4 one that takes good teams and makes them play the Giants game and grinds them down. The Titans also continue to win, taking down the Chiefs, in Arrowhead, 19-17.

The Cowboys kept rolling, taking down a surging Bucs team 26-20 in Texas. The Raiders kept up the winning ways as well, taking down San Diego 19-16 at Home. And of course, Tommy Football kept the train-a-rollin’ in Denver with a 16-3 win over the Broncos. A lot of people were picking the Broncos because of their defensive backfield. However, once again no one is respecting that Patriots Defense. Ok you held Brady to 16, but you still need to score.

Nothing else was too shocking, Packers over the Bears, barely. The Texans squeak one out at Home to Jaguars…shocking. And the Bills crush the Browns 33-13 in Buffalo. Not sure if Rex Ryan is still on the hot-seat, but he may have bought himself until the season is over. They’re 7-7 and would need a miracle to make the playoffs, so what’s the point now?


Here’s a look at some match-ups I’m considering for Week 16:

  • Falcons @ Panthers
  • Dolphins @ Bills
  • Colts @ Raiders
  • Bucs @ Saints
  • Cardinals @ Seahawks
  • Vikings @ Packers
  • Broncos @ Chiefs

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