My NFL Picks: Week 15

*For the new ones, this should never be used for wagering more than £5 (convert it yourself) and I try to choose games with better odds/long-shots.

Two weeks ago I went 5-0, and was on top of the world. Then last week I went 1-4 (2-4 really) and came crashing back down. I did learn a lot though in the way I prep, as both weeks’ research were markedly different. This week I’ve done more of a hybrid of the two. Let’s see what Week 15 brings us.

Dolphins @ Jets (Line: Jets +2)

This is a tough one to choose. The Dolphins just lost Ryan Tannehill and are not very good on the Road (2-4, -45 Point Differential). I wouldn’t say this is a long shot, but the Jets still aren’t great, especially at Home (1-5, -42 Point Differential). I think the other injuries the Dolphins have will make the biggest impact in this one, and the Jets take it.

Colts @ Vikings (Line: Colts +4)

I want to go with the Vikings, they are solid at Home (4-2, +33 Point Differential), and just had their best Offensive performance of the year last week. However, the Colts still have a legit shot at the playoffs, and even the division. While the Vikings do as well, I haven’t seen them come through when it matters, so I am going with Indy. Cue the Vikings blowout.

Saints @ Cardinals (Line: Saints +2.5)

The Cardinals cut Michael Floyd after a DUI arrest. He wasn’t having the best season, but the word is it caused some shock in the locker room. Drew Brees has looked like a dumpster fire the last few weeks, however, he has faced some good Defense. While the Cardinals are good at Home (4-2-1, +63 Point Differential), they have a lot of injuries in the defensive secondary. I think Brees has a bounce-back game here.

Steelers @ Bengals (Line: Bengals -3)

This is a tough one. I thought for sure the Steelers would have lost last week as it was primed with everything they needed to lose: cold-weather vs best ground game in the NFL; away from Home; and Rex Ryan winning games he shouldn’t. However, this week I think the Bengals pull this one out. They’re much better at Home (3-2-1 +31 Point Differential) and the Steelers are due for a Road let down. And yes, I am irrationally making points in my favor.


Eagles @ Ravens (Line: Eagles +5.5)

I was too torn on this one to make it a regular pick, and will not be wagering anything on it (not even a whopping £5). However, when I looked at the stats, the Ravens are atrocious against the NFC this season (0-3, -20 Point Differential). While the Eagles are flat out bad on the Road (1-6, -33 Point Differential) they do well against the AFC (2-1, +32 Point Differential). If you’re looking for great odds, go with the Eagles.

I feel uneasy about this one, but that might be a good thing. Good luck!

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