Cool Stuff I Found: Eating Healthy on the Road

One thing that always plagued me when I was doing over-the-road sales was eating healthy, and cheaply. Just because the company picked up my meals was not a reason to either max that out, or eat with impunity. For the longer trips, those week long loops through Iowa, I would hit a grocery store and fill up a cooler. However, it’s not always that easy, especially with air travel.

Nowadays I often find myself dissecting fast-food for the healthier bits, which is obviously an attractive practice in public. It’s been a bit easier in Europe, as the food quality is better across the board. Although, more and more places have begun to offer healthier options, and I feel cheated! Nah, it is nice though. Outside Magazine breaks down the best, healthy meals from places often considered to not have the healthiest options.

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