Some Revealing Things on the Pat-Cast

If you haven’t listened to the latest Pat-Cast from The Province, it was quite a good one. First of all I am convinced the universe is conspiring against anyone outside the team from speaking with Nikita Tryamkin. I won’t ruin the surprise, but it is pretty absurd who got in the way of Botchford’s attempt this week.

Second, I will pat myself on the back, as Paterson and Botchford confirmed (kinda) what I’ve been saying about the Canucks Front Office not being able to shut-up. They also confirm how it does no good to keep talking, even on matters no one is asking them about. I felt it was broken down very well on this week’s episode.

Finally what Botchford had to say about his interactions with Willie Desjardins over the most recent road trip were incredible. I went from literally laughing out loud to confused, to realizing why he is incapable of doing anything logical when choosing lines in crunch time. I honestly think he is constantly in bewilderment about the situation in the game, and when he realizes its time to send a line out just picks one of the four.

This one is definitely worth a listen though.

*I promise I am not shilling. This was a solid podcast. 


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