NFL Week 14 Review

Ugh, that one was brutal. I let previous successes go to my head. Now I know how Jeff Fisher feels today: dejected, bewildered, and downright sad. I let last week get to me and I flew too close to the sun. My penance is a 1-4 record (2-4 w/ Chiefs pick), and holding my head in shame. Let’s examine my stupidity.


I didn’t do all that bad really. The Bills, Ravens, and Cardinals all lost by one score. I nailed the Bills prediction in regards to what it would take to win, but was bit in the arse by a former Spartan named Le’veon Bell, who had a monster game. ¬†The Saints kept it close in Tampa, but Drew Brees looked horrendous in back-to-back 0 TD 3 INT performances and they lost yet again. By the way the Buccaneers are a sneaky 8-5 this season…8-5!

The Chargers couldn’t overcome an early hole and fell to the inconsistent Panthers, who ‘improve’ to 5-8, a long way from their Super Bowl form of last season. I should have known never to count on Philip Rivers and Rex Ryan in the same week. The Titans came through though, and while the Broncos should have won this one, their run game and run defense would argue with you.

My Monday Night Football pick was terrible. I can’t believe I cheated on Tommy Football like that. I hope he takes me back. Once again my love of long-shots and stats blinded me, and the worst part was I even said it myself about the sneaky-good Patriots defense. While they aren’t the Steele Curtain, they came up with plays when it was needed.


Two big shockers this week. First was the utter dismantling of the Seahawks by the Packers. I wasn’t shocked the Packers, won, but was shocked and the domination. Earl Thomas was being lauded as a Defensive QB for the Seahawks, so his loss would be felt. What about the real QB on the Offense? Five picks in this one for Russell, in a 38-10 shellacking.

The other one was the Giants beating the Cowboys. Wouldn’t have mattered if this one was 3-0, a win is a win against the buzz-saw that is the Cowboys this season. For anyone saying Romo should be starting next week, please, I would love it. I blame ESPN for all this ‘sky is falling’ crap which dominated US sports now. Unreal. However, this loss puts the Cowboys to 11-2, both losses to the Giants…yup.

My Lions let the Bears get way too close, but still won. Although, that win may have come at a price, as Matt Stafford looks to be dinged up now. A lot of their success has been due to his play (can’t believe I just typed that), so depending on the severity, this could be a big one. Hopefully it’s not serious.

Predictably the Falcons crushed the Rams 42-14, and you can say it cost Jeff Fisher his job, but I would argue the last few years did that. In the realm of predictable the Vikings beat the Jaguars, and Bengals over the Browns. The Jets beat the 49ers, but required OT to do it. Not sure I’d be happy my team went to OT to degrade their draft position.

A quasi-shocker was the Texans winning on the Road in Indianapolis. Colts have looked good, especially at Home, but inconsistency has plagued them all year. Washington won in Philly, which was a bit shocking, but Philly’s Home form was shattered a few weeks ago, and Washington is cruising right now. They’re playing like they have a chip on their shoulder, and it’s showing.


Here’s a look at some match-ups I’m considering for Week 15:

  • Dolphins @ Jets
  • Eagles @ Ravens
  • Steelers @ Bengals
  • Packers @ Bears
  • Panthers @ Redskins
  • Colts @ Vikings



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