A Meme Homerun

I don’t mind memes necessarily. Some of them are hilarious, and like any trend, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. So now the internet is flooded with them. One thing that does get old are the random hashtag trends on Twitter. Whether it’s “Make A Movie Sexual” or anything to do with politics at the moment.

However, one trend has produced some great material: “Met At The Beginning of 2016.” For those unfamiliar, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Take a famous person looking great, and one of them looking awful; the first one is you in January, second one is you now. It’s simple, and really allows some creativity.

Fast Company breaks down some of the best ones and the trend in general. It’s great because it really encapsulates an odd year, even if you remove the politics (not just US, worldwide). So many odd events, and deaths. My god the deaths: Gordie Howe, John Glenn, Robert Vaughn, Leonard Cohen, Arnold Palmer, ┬áJose Fernandez, Garry Marshall, Elie Wiesel, Gene Wilder, Kenny Baker, Anton Yelchin, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Alan Rickman, and David Bowie. There are literally dozens more, but for space and time I stopped there. Insane.

That’s why this one is my favorite:


You start all happy, feeling damn near royal, then 2016 happens. You emerge, covered in blood, but so unfazed by it because you’ve seen too much. You tapped out a dozen times and it just kept coming to the point it desensitizes you to everything. Just walk into your New Years Eve party looking like Carrie on the right.



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