My NFL Picks: Week 14

And a thumbs up right back at ya Alex. I will still be making five picks this week, but I called this one as well, and I have proof.


Sent to a young woman I know who also enjoys a wager on some NFL every now and then. Now would I have omitted this if they had lost? You bet your sweet arse I would have, but they didn’t, so this is a win even though I didn’t have time to put a bet in. To the rest of Week 14!

Steelers @ Bills (Line: Bills +3)

The Steelers have looked sharp as of late, and the Bills have looked iffy. While they are slightly better at Home (3-2, +29 Point Differential) than on the Road that gives me no comfort. However, the Bills are the number one Rushing team in the NFL, and the forecast for Sunday in Buffalo is freezing with an 80% chance of snow. This one stays on the ground, where the Bills will dominate.

Broncos @ Titans (Line: Titans -1)

I keep going back and forth on this one. It’s fairly evenly matched. Titans are .500 at Home but have a +14 Point Differential, which is solid for that record. They’ve also won two in a row. Broncos are a bit banged up, with a starting LB out and on their backup, rookie QB. However, they’ve been solid on the Road this season (4-2, +26 Point Differential). Broncos have the better overall record, but I feel like the Titans win this one.

Chargers @ Panthers (Line: Panthers -1)

This one is perplexing. The Panthers aren’t dynamos at Home (3-3, +14 Point Differential) and have looked inconsistent. But the Chargers aren’t good on the Road (2-4, -10 Point Differential). Panthers have some uncertainty around their non-tie wearing star QB, and coach. I’m not sure everyone is on the same page in Carolina, and I think Big Phil Rivers takes advantage, Chargers win this one.

Saints @ Buccaneers (Line: Bucs -2.5)

I’m leaning Bucs in this one, just because their Home record is not the best (2-4, -11 Point Differential), however, they’ve won their last two in the Pirate Ship, or whatever they call that stadium. They also have a winning record within the division (2-1) against the Saints (1-2) poor record against division rivals. I’ve banked on the Saints a couple times this year and they’ve let me down, but I think they win this one. I will never learn my lesson.

Ravens @ Patriots (Line: Patriots -7)

This one is a last minute replacement. The other games I were looking at were weak, Cardinals at Dolphins, come on. Also, I have irrational confidence after my 5-0 record last week, and good start to this week. The Pats two losses this season were at Home (4-2, +45 Point Differential), and they are hurting. Gronk is out, Bennett is listed as questionable, Amendola is doubtful, and even the backups, like Matthew Slater, are questionable. The Pats do have a sneaky good Defence, as everyone seems to think its bad. Good forgive for picking against Tommy Football, but why go with the sure thing, right? Ravens take this in a close one.

Good luck to everyone, and as always, please do not use these for any betting purposes.

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