Sign Megna and Skille Right Now!

Huge win in Tampa last night. I’m not sure Ben Bishop knew he was starting, but he was yanked after two mediocre periods, and that’s being very kind. He seemed to forget how to Goalie for awhile there.

Jack Skille and Jayson “Liquid Hot” Megna both netted two goals, and Erik Gudbranson grabbed his first as a Canuck, after a slap shot bounced off the board, then Bishop, then in the net (ok ‘mediocre’ is being very VERY kind). Stamkos has been out for a bit, and Bishop is not having a stellar season, but this Tampa team is still very good. However, as the Canucks announce team continued to mention, the Lightning had four days between games, and were given two days off. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

I don’t want to take anything away from the Canucks, God knows they can’t afford it, as they did play well. Despite being the only Canuck with a minus (-1) I thought Brandon Sutter looked good, created some chances and showed great speed. The passing was good, positioning was good, and Miller was great. He left late in the game with some tightness and soreness, which might be concerning. Hopefully this break will help.

Jim Benning, and Trevor Linden, need to stop talking. They are doing themselves no favors here. The worst part is they seem to think more talking will solve the issue of them talking too much. But that’s probably because they don’t think they are talking too much. Well, public opinion isn’t the best for the Canucks Front Office lately, and I’ve written about this before, they need to shut-up. We don’t need to know every time they’ve had a thought.

I for one can’t wait for the contract extensions for Skille and Megna! There’s your secondary scoring right there. Future core of the team. Also, it snowed in the PNW so global warming is a fallacy. All facts. The Panthers are up next on Saturday night, which is midnight here. I might be able to watch one live!

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