A Pub, a Pint, and a Pie.

Pubs are a mainstay of British life, and as such, so are pints. However, one of the better pieces of British cuisine is the pie. Soft, flaky, warm pastry wrapped around steak, chicken, bacon, potatoes, and whatever other goodness people come up with. The variety of pies almost equals the amount of pubs in London, and the beer you can get inside one.

I thought why not come up with an excuse for to feed my drinking habits and need to be a big, fat slob? Once a week I will be reviewing a pub, a pint of their finest, and a pie served therein. No real rules, but I will try to find stand-alone pubs, non-name brand beer, and a freshly made pie. However, I may have to sacrifice one or two depending the place.

I will be judging all three on a scale of 1-10 and averaging the scores at the end. The criteria on how I determine the rating will be as follows:

  • The Pub: Decor, Patrons, Staff, Menu/Beer Selection.
  • The Pint: Taste, Appearance, Strength, Price.
  • The Pie: Crust, Filling, Quality, Presentation, Side Dishes, Price.

It looks like a lot, but I will only give one rating per Pub, Pint, Pie, so it won’t be daunting.¬†First one will be up later today.

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