Sporty Spice is a Beast!

First off if you don’t know who the Spice Girls are I weep for you. They are still semi-royalty here in the UK, so whenever anything goes down it’s a headline. Apparently Sporty Spice aka Mel C aka Melanie Chisholm, made a comment about some girl group called Little Mix, and how they dress too provocatively, then posted a pic of here in her underwear, and outrage ensues. Welcome to UK media.

Never let a British person mock media in other countries. Theirs is tabloid, and for everything as well, especially sports. Imagine if every year in Kobe’s prime there were eight stories a season how a team is going to trade for him. I’m not talking tweets by ‘insider’ accounts, I’m talking full articles with ‘sources’ and ‘people in the know.’ Paragraphs long to try and establish legitimacy. The worst part is everyone buys it too. They will complain to no end, but as soon as the next article drops everyone is taking it for fact.

But that’s not what I am here to talk about. I am hear to discuss what a beast Sporty Spice is (pic below). Talk about living up to that nickname. She looks phenomenal, like pro athlete phenomenal. If I were these Little Mix ladies I would avoid starting a beef here, nothing but pain.


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