Fan Throws Burger at Horse

This is insane on a few levels. First off, Scots are savages. They are not to be trifled with, especially when drinking. Now judging by this guy’s reaction in the police van, he was hammered. Still doesn’t excuse him.

I have been beyond drunk a few times. You do absurd things. However, food is also like gold when drunk. I have heard stories of me offering people $20 for a slice of pizza when I was hammered. So I don’t care how drunk you are, throwing that burger is blasphemy.

Secondly, who throws a burger at a horse? Police horse or not, what did that equine do to you? Now its not the worst thing to happen to a horse in this country, but that horse didn’t do anything. It’s just following orders by a human who is literally riding on it. Not like they just train police horses and turn them loose.

At least the Manchester Police had a good sense of humor about it.


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