Different London Tube Lines Have Twitter Accounts? Awful Idea.

The London Tube (aka Underground, aka subway) is awful when its busy, and its busy most of the time. I literally could not believe it when I first got here. I rode the Northern Line for the first few months, and the carriages were so packed you could not move. First train showed up so packed no one got on so we crammed into the next one. I would leave for work at 6:30 am (work starts at 9 am here) and I still wouldn’t be able to get a seat.

People breathing, coughing, and sneezing on each other in a metal tube…horrific. I rode it for one week and decided I could not do this everyday, so I found a place I can walk to work from.


So after all my complaining you can imagine how upset people get when one is delayed. Not only are you preparing yourself to be breathed on by a complete stranger, who may or may not have showered in the last week, now your commute will be delayed. So I have no idea what genius came up with giving every line a Twitter account. Perhaps its the same person who also thinks its a good idea to respond to complaints.


Lecturing someone on language while you’re their reason for being delayed is about as insane as trying to rationalize with a mother bear who caught you messing with her cubs. You really think that’s going to diffuse the situation? So British too, telling someone who’s screaming obscenities to watch their language, and they continue on the tweet below.


The ol ‘Doing the best we can’ line, that’ll calm em down! I believe Sir Sean Connery has something to say about doing your best (NSFW language).

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