Boston Red Sox Load Up

Well looks like ‘Open Checkbook Dave’ is up to his old tricks again. Third team, third open checkbook for the guy who has never hesitated to overpay for a player. He just dealt four prospects for left-handed Starter Chris Sale from the White Sox. I will say Dave is never afraid to trade prospects, so I give him that.

For some background, I fell out of love with Dave after the 2011 season. He was too loyal to Jim Leyland, even when it was glaringly obvious modern baseball has passed him by, and cost the Tigers their best chances at a World Series win in 30 years. I also think he is vastly overrated as an executive.

If you look at his track record his teams have a 5-11 record in the World Series, with his only trophy coming from Jose Mesa collapsing in Game 7. In the age of analytics and advanced scouting Dave Dombrowski is still the guy who just throws money at the best free agents on the market and hopes for the best. He also doesn’t mind signing mediocre players to huge contracts if he likes them enough.

Tough to argue with a rotation sporting a front three of David Price, Rick Porcello, and now Chris Sale. However, if his recent history with Detroit is any indication, don’t expect impact utility guys, and a great bullpen, like the last few World Series champs have sported. There’s a reason Dave’s former division rival the Kansas City Royals won a World Series (and 7 times as many games in those series) at a fraction of the price tag of his underachieving Tigers teams, and its because they found those guys.

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