Bumming Around Dublin

This was my third trip to Ireland since I have been in Europe. I have a good friend from my days in Australia who lives there, and while we are not as depraved as we used to be, it’s still nice to get together every now and then and talk some shit. In my travels I have often found the people make the place, and with the weather Ireland gets that makes sense.

I took Friday off to maintain Saturday so I got in about midday. My friend was still at work, so I bummed around town and looked for some trouble. Obviously, Dublin is not short of pubs, or shopping, or things to do for that matter. The city is full of museums, parks, and some incredible architecture to check out. You could spend 30-45 minutes at Trinity College alone.

Again, this place is all about the people though. Seems like every pub you go into you can make new friends. It’s tough to find a bartender, or patron in some cases, who won’t answer one of your questions, or offer up a place to visit next. Then of course there’s this beautiful elixir:


The one thing I like about the Irish is their hatred of the English. Everything English really, especially when it comes to sports. The one man who embodies this is James McClean who plays on their national team, and has a very catchy song (NSFW). It’s hilarious, but also nice to see national pride like that. Also, when you look into History it’s very understandable.

Both Friday and Saturday night we hit the city for some serious Guinness drinking, while spending the days watching sports, mainly soccer. I have grown to enjoy Guinness but when you spend a whole night pub-hopping you get what’s known as a “Guinness Baby.” While the birth is nowhere near a real child birth, it’s definitely not pleasant.

I also think Dublin is underrated for food. They do a good mix of old standbys (burgers, pies, fish and chips, etc.) and have a lot of hipster type places with new takes on things. The new big thing over there is doughnuts, which God I hope they don’t get fat like Americans. Another underrated thing about Dublin is attractive girls, and lots of them.

Saturday night we decided to “take it easy,” aka six pints of Guinness in three and a half hours. We found a badass pub near my friend’s place with a band playing traditional Irish music. While all participants were easily my parents age it was awesome. There was even a rendition of of the recently-passed Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah about a drunken family Christmas that was hilarious.


(Sorry for the bad angle, didn’t want to be that American blocking everyone’s view for a picture)

If you’re looking for a drunken weekend, with some great people, good looking women, and good food, I highly recommend Dublin. The people are great, funny, and love tourists, just don’t walk in there with a red, white and blue shirt. Maybe memorize the James McClean song, they’ll love you then.


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