NFL Week 13 Review

First I will go over my picks, which as the weeks go by I notice two things: 1. I suck at this, 2. I’m very happy I only put £5 on each game. I’ll be the first one to call out my BS picks, but when I do the damn thing, I do it. 5-0 this week, let’s go!


I was right on ol Black Jack Del Rio having his team just rolling. The Bills are a good team, but the Raiders are just too good, pulling away in the fourth for a two TD win. They are looking so good right now, hard to pick against them against anyone. Although, every year there seems to be a team rolling and they can’t keep it up, but something has to be said for playing with the confidence they are at the moment.

Another team looking pretty damn good has been the Ravens. However, I will admit I thought this game might be closer. I went with my gut on the Dolphins being inconsistent, and I guess the not-so-good version showed up. Big, 32-point win here.

The same could be said for the Buccaneers in the inconsistent category, although, they have looked more consistent as of late, and as I mentioned they play much better on the Road. Their Offense and Defense both showed up in the fourth, putting up 11 points and holding the Chargers to nothing to win this one 28-21. It will be interesting to see what they can do next year with full health and some additions.

I was a little apprehensive to go with the Chiefs in this one, and would have lost if I bet the line. The Chiefs held on for a one-point victory in Atlanta. Both these teams are hard to read right now, but from everything I read and listened to said the Falcons defensive backfield is suspect so I figured with KC’s short, frequent passes, and mixing in the run, would wear them down. Plus that fake punt, wow! Also, Eric Berry is kinda good.

The Cardinals beating the Redskins was the most surprising one to me. That one was most definitely a “Eh I have to go out on a limb” when looking at the other games. The 14 points they put up in the fourth was shocking, and propelled them to a 31-23 victory. I’d have to guess the Cardinals goal was to keep Cousins off the field as much as possible, which is obviously easier said than done. Whatever they did worked.


As a Lions fan I was born an NFL Cynic, it’s a birth right, so I am more shocked by their big win than almost anyone. I almost picked the Saints but held fast to my rule of not betting my heart, because again, it’s cynical. Nice to see them win one they didn’t have to come back from a deficit and rely on a last minute FG.

I guess the only other major shock for me was the Bengals destroying the Eagles. I’ve said it to the death about how the Eagles are a different team Home and Road, but damn. They dropped this one 32-14, but props to the Bengals. They needed one big win this year.

Steelers handled the Giants well, putting an end to their six game win streak. Not shocking, Steelers are great at Home. Seahawks absolutely dismantled the Panthers, again, not another big surprise. Seattle at Home, late in the year? Although it appears Earl Thomas might be out longer than it takes to mend his broken leg.

Other than that the Bears won the matchup which was the equivalent of a monkey shit fight against the 49ers, while the Broncos beat the Jags, and the Packers handled the Texans at Home. Tom Brady moved into first place among QBs for wins with 201, as they stomped the Rams.


Before I dig into my “research” here are a few games I am considering making picks on for Week 14:

  • Raiders @ Chiefs
  • Steelers @ Bills
  • Falcons @ Rams
  • Saints @ Buccaneers
  • Broncos @ Titans
  • Cowboys @ Giants

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