My NFL Picks: Week 13

I cannot believe the Vikings covered. I mean it sucks for Vikings fans, but damn, not bad for an objective viewer like myself. Unsure on some of these matchups. I thought for sure these would get easier as the year progressed.

Bills @ Raiders (Line: Raiders -2.5)

The Raiders are solid at Home (4-2, Even Point Differential at 164) and seem to have a horseshoe up their backsides lately. Doesn’t matter the opponent or the venue, they always seem to find a way to win. Their QB even dislocated his fingers and they still win late. The Bill are no slouch on the Road though (3-3, +16 Point Differential), but its tough to tell who will show up. While I think the Bills are good, the Raiders are just too good and Black Jack Del Rio has them rolling.

Dolphins @ Ravens (Line:Dolphins +3)

Despite having an up and down season, the Ravens have been solid at Home (4-2 +32 Point Differential) and have won their last three there. The Dolphins are another tricky one though and have looked good, but aren’t stellar on the Road (2-3, -13 Point Differential). However, they’ve won their last two away from Miami. I still think the Ravens take this one as it will come down to coaching.

Buccaneers @ Chargers (Line: Chargers -3.5)

The Bucs have quietly crawled back into things, and are the second best Road team in the NFC record-wise (4-1, -4 Point Differential). The Chargers, while showing glimpses of greatness occasionally haven’t been great at Home (3-2, +32 Point Differential), although, I like that PD. I think with the Bucs rolling right now, they are the ones to go with here.

Chiefs @ Falcons (Line: Chiefs +4.5)

The Falcons have such a high-powered offence its scary, and are alright at Home (3-2, +25 Point Differential). The Chiefs are better on the Road (4-2, +2 Point Differential) and I think Andy Reid is going to wear down that bad Falcons Pass Defence (ranked 32) with a lot of short, quick passes. Chiefs will take a close one.

Redskins @ Cardinals (Line: Cardinals -2.5)

The Redskins are looking great this season, and are solid on the Road (2-2-1, Even Point Differential). However, a quiet story, at least to me, has been the Cardinals at Home (3-2-1, +55 Point Differential). That is insane, they definitely play a different game at Home. I can’t believe I am going against Kirk Cousins since he continually defies everyone’s previous analysis of him. I like the Cardinals here.

Again, I hope you don’t actually use these picks, and if you do keep the bet at £5 or less. Good luck!

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