Stuttgart Christmas Market

My company has an office in Stuttgart, Germany, where we handle a lot of the automotive business we do. I’ve been twice before, and am good friends with one of the managers, so when he invited me to his birthday party I jumped at the chance to return. Stuttgart is in SW Germany, and is home to Hugo Boss, Mercedes-Benz (Daimler), and Porsche. So it is a place with a lot of money.

I grabbed an early flight out of London and arrived about midday. I always have to prepare my liver and waistline for trips to Germany. Lots of beer and great food. Helped my friend with some last minute party preparations then took a nap, which would come in handy later. They rented a bar near our hotel in Boblingen, and booked a band. I arrived at roughly 5 pm and stayed until 12:30 am. The party lasted until 7 am…yeah, Germans go hard.

It wasn’t as if the party broke up because people went home either. There were 20 people still there at 7 am drinking. My God, the drinking. Three full refrigerators of beer, with 30 cases in reserve. It was controlled insanity. There were also about 12 cakes, and a ton of cookies, brownies, etc.I have no idea how these people do it.

Sunday I got up to hit the Christmas Market/WeihnachtsMarkt in the city. This is apparently a thing in Germany and Austria, and pretty much every town and city has one. While I was anticipating a lot of craft booths, which there were, it was still Germany, so there was drinking to be done.


The popular drink is Gluehwein (Gloo-vine) which is mulled wine aka warm wine with a bunch of spices in it. It comes in the these smaller mugs (above) which you pay a deposit of €2.50 on, which is genius. Get people all liquored up and they will never return the mug. They also like to up the ante and you can also get it with a shot of rum, or two or three shots of rum. Germany is amazing. The gluehwein is solid and perfect for the cold, plus it gives you a great buzz.


While you’re punishing your liver, there is also mountains of food that will put you in an early grave. Any type of wurst you can think of, cookies, cakes, candies, chocolates, and the list goes on. The above was a goose sausage, and my first of many. The top picture is currywurst, which you put in that roll they give you then dip it in the extra curry sause. You can feel your arteries closing, but its worth it.

The markets are in the center of the city, so I was able to walk around a bit and check it out. It’s a nice city and they have a good amount of their older buildings around, so there’s a mix of old and new. Plus it’s nice being in a city where the trains are clean and run on time.

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