Podcast Review: Doug Loves Movies

If you don’t know who Doug Benson is, you’ve probably seen him before. While he comes off as a stoner comedian his material goes much deeper, and he is one of the better comedians out there in my opinion. He’s also a major movie fan, obviously, and has a deep knowledge of not just actors and actresses, but directors, producers, writers, and the industry itself. He even made his own movie, Super High Me, which was his take on the documentary Super Size Me, but with marijuana rather than McDonalds.

While Doug has a few other podcasts, he chose his love of film for this one and he turns it into a competition. Each show is live in whatever comedy club or theater Doug is playing, and the contestants are typically other comedians, but he has also had people from the film industry compete. There are repeat guests of course, but it offers up a lot of variety and also exposes the listener to people they may have never heard of before.

Comedians make up a majority of the contestants, but a lot of times he will have people in the move industry, both in front of and behind the camera. He even has professional wrestler Colt Cabana on every now and then (also, a future Podcast Review). However, the real contestants are audience members who have their ‘name-tags‘ chosen by the guests. They are really posters, with people’s names put into movie titles. The guests also bring gifts, and to the winner goes the spoils.

The games are mostly of Doug’s creation, and involve naming movies or actors and actresses. He mixes up the games, so the format doesn’t get old, and will even throw in musicals every now and then. Its nice as a listener, because you can play along with the guests, and you end up learning things as well.

In my opinion its a perfect mix of comedy and movie trivia. Doug is a great host, and keeps everything moving. However, even when they do migrate away from topic its usually funny or a good story, and Doug does well to identify if it isn’t and keeps proceedings moving.

If you enjoy movies this is a great listen. Although, with the changing guests and games, the quality can sometimes not be consistent. Generally, one or two are released every week, depending on Doug’s schedule, so if you miss one, or you’re not into one, there’s another one a few days away. Its a great listen though, and I often find myself audibly laughing as I listen.

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