NFL Week 12 Review

First I will go over my picks, which as the weeks go by I notice two things: 1. I suck at this, 2. I’m very happy I only put £5 on each game. The picture is to represent my atrocious call on that particular game.


I was WAY off on the Rams over the Saints, as New Orleans crushed them 49-21. So much for hunches, although, my hunch on the Chargers ending the Texans home winning streak was spot on, as San Diego won 21-13. Brock Osweiler did Brock Osweiler things, and while he had as many yards as Phil Rivers, he had three picks to Phil’s three touchdowns. Bit of a Bizaro Superman situation.

While I predicted the Raiders to win, the Panthers covered the spread, as Oakland held on to win 35-32 after coming back. Khalil Mack did what an impact guy does, coming up with a strip sack at the end of the game to ice it. The Broncos reversed my fortunes while losing in overtime 30-27 to the Chiefs, they also covered the spread (UK gambling sites, at least mine, ignore OT results).

How did the Eagles lose that badly at Home to the freaking Packers?! I figured they were due for a let down game at Home but not to a bad team. This one was either going to make or break my picks, it broke them. All in all not an awful weekend though, considering my recent travel schedule has afforded me very little time to look into these.


The Thanksgiving Day games were pretty damn good. Well the first two anyway. My Lions pulled one out over the Vikings 16-13. They continue to win these come-from-behind games, which I still cannot believe, but hey its working for now. The Cowboys-Redskins matchup was what everyone hoped it would be, a close game with both sides playing well. The Cowboys are insane this year, so damn good. The night was capped off with the Colts getting crushed by the Steelers, and reaffirming what everyone knows: that team is hot garbage without Andrew Luck.

A lot of the Sunday games seemed to be very close, or have shocking conclusions. While the Seahawks continue to look good, they also seem to produce a stinker every couple weeks, this time losing to Tampa Bay 14-5…yeah let that sink in. First the 6-6 tie in Arizona and now this. Tampa has looked better lately, but no excuse here.

The Patriots took it down to the wire to beat the Jets. This was a classic ‘get up for the big team’ game from the Jets, but losing Gronk will have repercussions down the road (obviously). The 49ers put up 24 on the Dolphins, who continue to confound me. Sometimes they look like world beaters, and other times very average. Can’t argue with the results though.


Before I dig into my “research” here are a few games I am considering making picks on for Week 13:

  • Dolphins @ Ravens
  • Buccaneers @ Chargers
  • Eagles @ Bengals
  • 49ers @ Bears

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