My NFL Picks: Week 12

Two of the three Thanksgiving Day games were pretty damn good. While the Vikings at Lions didn’t break any scoring records it was close, and Washington at Dallas was a shootout of sorts. This week is no easier when it comes to picks, but I will give it the ol college try.

Reminder: I pick games with high odds and you should never use my advice.

Chargers over Texans (Line: Chargers -1.5)

The Chargers are so hard to predict this season…well I guess the last few. You never know which one will show up. While Houston has been great at home, I feel like their Home record gets its first blemish. These teams are evenly matched, and the Chargers defense makes a couple big (aka easy) plays against Osweiler.

Rams over Saints (Line: Saints -7)

Goff was not exactly the second coming of Jim Everett last week. However, he is going up against an awful defense, indoors. While the Saints are a better team I think this might be a case of underestimating a rookie QB and Goff not having to worry about the elements. Also, while its only two games, the Rams still play like a dome team (1-1, +1 Point Differential, 3 TDs/game). If they don’t win they’ll most likely cover.

Raiders over Panthers (Line: -3)

The Raiders barely beat the Texans last week (in Mexico City), but I think at this point its no longer a coincidence. They have the golden horseshoe up their ass, and while the Raiders aren’t great at home, I think they win this rather easily against an inconsistent Panthers defense.

Broncos over Chiefs (Line: Chiefs +3)

The Broncos are great at home (4-1, +34 Point Differential), but I don’t want to discount the Chiefs. While they aren’t exceptional on the Road (3-2, -1 Point Differential) they keep it close and could pull this one out. However, coming off a close loss at Home to the Bucs (I called it) I think the bad times continue.

Eagles over Packers (Line: Eagles -4)

A part of me feels like this is a setup for failure, but the Eagles are the best team in the NFL at home (4-0, +70 Point Differential).┬áThe Texans are 5-0 at Home, however, the Eagles Point Differential is more than double of the Texans. The Eagles could be at -14 and still cover. Now, watch me look like an idiot, but I don’t think I will.

*I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I’d like to this as I have been travelling a lot lately (Germany this weekend, Ireland the next). I will try to keep up as best I can.


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