Short Stories on the Train?

The recent rise, or resurgence, of the novella in the recent past has been blamed on people’s ever-growing short attention spans. Well they are getting shorter now. A company in France, Short Edition, has come out with the “cleverly” names The Short Stories Distributor, a vending machine for short stories. Seriously.

I love this idea. It’s great. FastCompany has more on the details, but essentially it prints out short stories on receipt-style paper. You can choose between one, three and five minute reads. Short Edition has the reserves as well with over 5,000 authors on staff, and everything from poems, to kids books, novellas, and beyond.

I like the idea, and think they will make some money. The best transit newspaper I read was the one in Sydney. Short snippets that took 2 minutes tops to read. FastCompany reported Francis Ford Coppola bought one for his restaurant in San Francisco, and if it’s good enough for Mr. Coppola that works for me.

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