NFL Week 11 Review

First I will go over my picks, which as the weeks go by I notice two things: 1. I suck at this, 2. I’m very happy I only put £5 on each game. Also, I chose Mr. Cousins for the image as I feel he, and his team, encapsulate what the NFL is this season, the unlikely teams keep on winning.


I was way off on the Titans and Colts, with the Colts winning 24-17. I forgot how good Andrew Luck is, and while his supporting staff has been iffy, when things go right this is a dangerous team. They came out swinging and built up a 21-0 lead in the 2nd quarter. I don’t want to discount the Indy defense which came up with some timely sacks and stops. Maybe the best the Colts have looked all year. I don’t want to discount Marcus Mariotta either. I think he will be a great QB one day, but I took that Home win against the Packers a bit too seriously.

I figured the Buccaneers would have beaten the Chiefs, but thought it would be by a bit more than two points. Their high round drafted Kicker Aguayo came through for them going 4/4 despite struggles this year. This really came down to the Bucs playing a mistake free game for the most part. Both teams fumbled twice, and lost one, but the Bucs were able to execute their game plan a bit better. I just felt like this was an Andy Reid loss all the way.

I am officially done with the Bengals after this loss, sorry Cincinnati, I still like the Reds. They should have won this game, and its even worse when you look at the stats the Bills offense put up. But they scored a whopping six points in the first two quarters, then absolutely nothing, while the Bills made three FGs over three quarters…barn-burner of a game.

A team I will continue to ride however, is the Seahawks, as they won yet again. I still can’t believe Philly got 6.5 points in this one. They are not a bad team, but they aren’t nearly as good on the Road as they are at Home, and Seattle has had one of the best Home records, and reputations, for a long time. This was a no-brainer here. I think Seattle is finally gelling and getting healthy. I’m sure Philly fans will get mad if this team ends 8-8 or 9-7, but the future is bright with Wentz.

Oakland had to pull off a comeback, but this was how I figured it would end on the box score, although the Texans scoring 20 on the Road is shocking. I mean this was a neutral site game (Mexico City), but Houston was still on the Road where they’ve been atrocious. Derek Carr still makes some mistakes, but he is damn good, and will only get better. His offense line looked pretty good as well, giving him time. I might be a year early, but Da Raiders are back!


Compared to last week this was devoid of some good games leading up to it, but produced some decent results. Of course the Vikings win the week I don’t pick them! But good for them getting back on track. As for Arizona? This team has been so up and down all season. So tough to know which version will show up this year.

While it took New England, and Tommy Football, a bit to get going against the 49ers, this one was locked in. I think this was a case of the 49ers getting up for this one, and taking advantage of a poor defense, but they are a bad, bad team. Speaking of bad, it’s not even worth going over Steelers at Browns. Or really Baltimore at Dallas, which is nothing against the Ravens. However, Dallas is just a steam-roller right now, smashing everyone in their path.

The curious cases this year round out the week. The New York Football Giants are still a mystery to me. They continue to win games they shouldn’t but also beat bad teams by similar scores, as they demonstrated against the Bears this week. I feel like with the experience and recent history of that team, they could make the Superbowl…or lose out, who knows.

I am relishing in the Packers recent run of awful performances (the below paragraph will let you know why). So great to see “poor” Aaron Rodgers continue to try things like its 2010 or something. While he looked better in this one, he lost out to Kirk Cousins…yes that’s correct. The Redskins continue to win, and put up decent stats, and deserve to win! It’s insanity this year, insanity. But hey, Sparty on!

Now for the grand finale, the FIRST PLACE Detroit Lions! This is so mental to me. This is how conditioned I am by the Lions, I expected them to lose against the Jaguars, but they won. Such a classic Lions let down game. Get to first place in the division, lose to an awful team the next game. I still have 32 years of fandom to fall back on my previous prediction though, so I am safe making a similar one again. But for now I will bask in this, Packers losing, Bears are awful, and the Lions win. Doesn’t get much better than that if you’re from Michigan (except for those traitorous Yoopers 🙂 ). This troll still loves you pasty-eating goofballs though!

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