My NFL Picks: Week 11

Oh man, I was so damn close! When I watched the highlights of the Cowboys at Steelers I literally yelled at my laptop. Nine seconds left and they run it up the middle?! Really Pittsburgh?! The Saints and Jaguars let me down, so damn close. Not shocking on the Jags let down, but Saints were so damn close. But I am going to close this out on a high, I nailed that Eagles pick #Genius.

Reminder: I pick games with high odds and you should never use my advice.

Titans over Colts (Line: Titans +3)

The Titans have been one of the most confusing teams this season. Sometimes looking great, sometimes looking horrendous. Last weeks crushing of the Packers was shocking to say the least. Both teams are 2-2 in their respective situations this week (Colts: Home; Titans: Road), but I think the Titans are rolling and the Andrew Luck’s support has been inconsistent to say the least.

Buccaneers over Chiefs (Line: Chiefs -7.5)

The Chiefs have been great at home (4-0, +38 Point Differential), but Tampa is much better on the Road than at Home. They are coming off a demolishing of an albeit bad team, but confidence is high. Chiefs are on a five-game win streak but I think it ends here. This is my upset. Looking forward to eating crow on Monday.

Bengals over Bills (Line: Bills +2.5)

The Bengals are better at Home than on the Road (H: 2-1-1, +17 Point Differential; R: 1-4, -40 Point Differential). They do play it a bit closer at Home, but the Bills are not great on the Road (2-3) and have lost three in a row, with two of those being on the Road. I think the Bengals show up.

Seahawks over Eagles (Line: Eagles +6.5)

I am only including this one because it’s not a great week and I think that line is absurd. The Eagles are only above the 49ers and Bears on the Road (1-4, -4 Point Differential) and they are playing at Seattle. If its not hard enough to play at CenturyLink Seattle has been flawless at Home (4-0, +29 Point Differential). The only team better than them at Home? The Eagles. I think Seattle wins this one easily.

Raiders over Texans (Line: Raiders -5.5)

Just picking this to redeem myself from last week. The Texans are still awful on the Road (1-3, -42 Point Differential), and while the Raiders aren’t great at Home (2-2, -10 Point Differential) I think the Texans being worse is the difference maker. Raiders win this one by at least two TDs.

I look forward at seeing how wrong I am again.

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