US Soccer Falls to Costa Rica 4-0

Ugh…well that sucked. In World Cup Qualifying nonetheless. You can blame home-field advantage on a loss, but not a 4-0 loss.  I subscribe to the theory that goals/TDs scored right before the end of a half, period, or quarter are more times than not back-breakers.

Costa Rica scored in 44th minutes, while the USA defence was gingerly getting back. The next three goals were scored in a nine minute span…NINE MINUTES! Between the 69th and 78th minutes the Costa Ricans dominated play and were richly rewarded.

This kinda puts US Soccer back to the drawing board for qualifying. While they’re definitely not out, they’ve just made things much harder for themselves, like almost impossibly harder. This brings up one big question: Is this the end of the line for Jurgen Klinsmann?

Recent performances would suggest yes. This is the second straight loss in the open round of qualifying (Mexico being the first), and now the worst shutout loss for US Soccer since 1957. The honeymoon with Jurgen ended long ago, and while he started well, the last few months have been tough to handle. It was a good ride when it started.

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