Podcast Review: The Football Ramble

(L-R: Luke Moore, Jim Campbell, Pete Donaldson, and Marcus Speller)

In respect to these three lovely gentleman, and Pete Donaldson, I will refer to the game they love here as “football,” rather than that ugly term us Americans use for it. While the ‘s-word’ is detested by the English, they should lay off since they invented it after all. But we aren’t here to discuss that.

The Football Ramble is a foursome of football mad young men, who bring a different view to the beautiful game than the traditional TV and print points of view. The shortened version? They chat shit about football is a hilarious and refreshing manner. While every show doesn’t have the four due to scheduling conflicts, as host Marcus Speller likes to say “Three’s company but four’s a ramble,” as they are at their very best when all four are present.

Despite the piss-taking, stories, and improv comedy on what else Kevin Keegan could get himself into to, they actually cover the matches, and not just in the English Premier League. While they cover the most popular league in the world, they also delve deep into The Championship, and Leagues 1 and 2, as well as leagues around the world.

While leagues like the USA’s MLS and Australia’s A-League don’t get consistent coverage, they will give them their due. This is no small feat, as that is a lot of football to cover in two, roughly hour long shows, per week. The first a review of the past weekends matches, and the second a preview of what’s in store.

The most amazing thing about The Ramble, and in my opinion what has made it work since 2007, is after an hour or so, you are all caught up on football news and you’ve had a good laugh. I started listening around 2010 on the recommendation from a friend of mine as a mostly football novice. I found The Ramble as a great way to not only get updated on what is currently happening in the sport, but also the rich history of the game.

While they don’t get into the detailed and specific history of certain players or events, they discuss enough to intrigue people to learn more. I often found myself pausing and Googling what they were discussing (when able) to learn more. Their passion and knowledge shines through in every show, whether their ganging up on poor Pete about Newcastle, outing Marcus as a closeted Rangers fan, or┬álive-Tweeting and recording┬áthe time Pete locked the other three in his home “accidentally,” (see below) it’s a great listen.

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