Joey Ballgame Is A Restaurateur?!

Joey Blue-Skies, Ballgame (names my father and I called him), or whatever the Hell you want to call him (real name Joey Harrington) is now a restaurant owner. I leave Portland and Joey puts a restaurant walking distance from my old place. This is not fair.

I was one of the few Detroit Lions fans who did not outright hate Joey. He was drafted into an awful team, with THE WORST GM IN THE HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS, and that is not arguable. Millen put together the only 0-16 team in NFL history, not to mention the 31-81 record.

They tried to get Joey to play against his strengths. Joey threw down field his whole college career and then, like many things Millen tried to implement, they wanted him to run an outdated, and useless offense, the West Coast Offense. Then there was the unprovoked attack from one of the dirtiest Defensive lineman of all-time.

I will definitely be down to try Joey’s restaurant when I get back to Portland. However, he better be there shaking hands and smiling or its not worth it.

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